FUJIMASA BREWERY – the closest brewery to Mt. Fuji

Fujimasa Sake Brewery was established in Fujinomiya city, Sizuoka, in 1866, at the end of Edo era.

In 2012, it relocated in Asagiri Kogen at the west foot of Mt. Fuji and started making sake at an altitude of 900 meters above the sea level. The very scenic area, which is famous for having the nicest air and clearest water around Mt. Fuji, allows sake to age with ease.

Moving in and making sake here has been one of the long-term wishes of the owners since the 7th generation.

Our persistency

Our persistency

Following our belief, “Each person has their own preference in the taste of sake”, we have been producing what we ourselves love to enjoy.

Using the spring water from Mt. Fuji and carefully selected rice, we have made household brands such as “Chiyonomine” and “Genkotsu.” Junmai-daiginjo and other sakes all made by young, passionate brewers following traditional procedure. We proudly invite you to enjoy their rich aroma and mellow texture.

About sake

We choose different brands of rice for different sakes. For junmai-daiginjo and daiginjo, we use Yamadanishiki, which is said to be the best suited rice for making sake in Japan. For junmai-shu, we strictly choose our local rice in Fujinomiya, which is among the best suited brands and production areas.

In addition, we use different ratios of polished rice - from 35% to 70% - to suit each sake. It lets us enjoy a variety of tastes in sake, some of which are good to drink, some are nice to cook with, and so on.

Local water, air, and the thoughts of brewers who are eager to make sake the best.These are also packed in sake made from living organisms, such as koji (rice malt) or kobo (yeast).

Our wish

Natural forest of Asagiri Kogen, cold clear air, underflow water rubbed by Mt.Fuji, and well- grown rice by local farmers with utmost care. With these best ingredients and environments, our sake is made.

We wish to convey to many people the fineness of sake made in harmony with nature, and the wonder of sake made locally.

We would also like to show customers in person our brewers’ sincerity and sense of responsibility in making sake. We believe these are the very foundation of food safety. Our earnest efforts are blended in each sake of Fujimasa Brewery.


  • Fujimasa Junmai
    Fujimasa Junmai

    This is the “Asagiri Kuradashi” series which was launched in 2011 when we moved to Asagiri Kogen. The rice is 100% Yamadanishiki in Hyogo prefecture.

    They are polished very carefully, until the polishing ratio is 40%. We ferment them for 40 days. It is slower than the general period of 30 days. This allows them to have more elegance and a fruity scent.

    We are sure sake connoisseurs cannot stop loving it because of its nice scent and umami of the sake rice, Yamadanishiki.

  • Dry Honjozo “Genkotsu”
    Dry Honjozo “Genkotsu”

    Genkotsu literally means “fist.” This sake’s dryness must remind you of the strict but kind father’s fist.

    The dry sake with brewers’ persistency. We are proud of its taste, which is strong and masculine. Furthermore, it is sharp thanks to the spring water from Mt. Fuji.

    Heating (Atsukan) makes it much drier, and it must be liked especially by men.

  • Fujimasa Junmai
    Watashi no Yuzushu
    - Yuzu liqueur made with sake

    This is Yuzu wine made by using Fujimasa Junmai-Daiginjo and Yuzu juice harvested in Japan.

    Although it is based on Japanese sake, it only has hints of the smell or bitterness of sake with the use of junmai-daiginjo.

    Even women and those who are not good at sake can enjoy its taste. The refreshing and sour taste of Yuzu will delight you.

Observing brewery

We provide an observation tour in our brewery for at least 10 people with a reservation.

erally, visitors are allowed to walk through the brewery course freely, but with a tour, an okami (brewery mistress) or a sake sommelier can explain things in detail.

Date&Time :
From 1pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
Duration :
About 15 minutes
Maximum capacity :
15 people
Fee :
Observing brewery

Brewery Tour Flow

  • Observing brewery

    01Steam room

    There is a huge kiln in this room. Rice is washed and steamed here.

    In the morning, you see steam out of the chimney of the brewery. It is because rice is being steamed. At one time, at most 600 kg of rice is steamed and then cooled down to the certain temperature.

    The morning at the brewery needs to be cool because of this. Fujimasa Brewery steams rice in the early morning so that the rice can be cooled down while the air is cool.

    This is how we have done things since a long time ago.

  • Koji room

    02Koji room
    ※koji is a fungi to brew sake

    The rice which was steamed and cooled is divided in 20 kg, and then transferred to the second floor, “Koji Room.”

    n this room, the temperature is always set between 33 and 38 degrees Centigrade to propagate koji.

    This step affects the quality of sake a lot. Even at night, the temperature should be carefully controlled to cultivate koji properly.

  • Fermenting tank

    03Fermenting tank

    Next step happens in fermenting tanks. The temperature of the tank is controlled according to everyday analysis.

    “It is like raising a human child. We measure their temperature every day and then decide whether to warm them on a cold day or to just keep an eye on them when they are fine. When they are almost finished, we feel like a bride’s parents before marriage…” says brewers.

  • Bottling


    With filtering or adjusting by adding water, some are carried to the next building to be bottled, and others are carried to the next room to be stored in an air-sealing tank.

    For sake which we sell for a year, we take only 4 months in winter to brew them.

    During that period, brewers never take a rest and the toji, or the leader of brewers, lives in the brewery. They concentrate all their efforts in making sake, with measuring the temperature, taking good care of shubo, etc.

Our shops

We have a brewery and its direct store in Asagiri Food Park just south of a roadside facility “Asagiri Kogen.” At the direct store, you can enjoy sake from the brewery, such as limited products, freshly brewed ones, and so on.

If you would like to, you can observe the brewery. (※Reservation is needed.) You can try sake with explanations from a guide. We welcome visitors - from a small group of tourists to a bus tour.

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